About Jude

Jude Robinson has been creating art as long as she can remember. Seeing and using the world of color, Jude paints in ways that speaks to the soul. She tells stories in the tilt of a head, shares emotion in the shape of an eye, conjures feeling in the detail of attire. Jude finds inspiration in color and the beauty in humanity.

Jude is constantly learning as she paints allowing her art to spill out of her. This creates a lot of variation in her subjects depending on the time in life. Currently, her paintings are leaning toward the abstract while still channeling inspiration from the famous artist, Modigliani. Jude recently settled in Charlotte, NC. When she is not painting, she spends time with her family, her dog, Oliver and gardens and studying the stars.

Jude’s art ranges in price from $275 – $3,500. To contact Jude, please complete the form below or contact her through her Instagram page.